CPUK: Very nice active primarily European forum.
Lots and Lots of forums, this link will take you to the main page.

Listserver discussion group:

CPDigest: Part of the Carnivorous Plant Database

International Carnivorous Plant Society: ICPS webring, List of registered CP clones. Seedbank, and quarterly journal for members.
New England Carnivorous Plant Society: Regular meetings held every third Saturday at 1:00PM in the Charles H. Smitt Greenhouses, in Roger Williams Park; Providence, Rhode Island
The North American Sarracenia Conservancy: NASC. Protecting, Conservation, Propagation and Restoration
Online Resources:
A variety of commercial and noncommercial websites which I feel are very beneficial for researching information and photos.
Carnivorous Plant Database: Tons of information on all CP's, including archives for all CPDigests.
Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia: Some articles and a nice photo gallery, primarily Drosera.
Malesiana Tropicals: Commercial site with a very nice photo gallery for Nepenthes.
Exotica Plants: Commercial site from Australia, Huge photo collection of Nepenthes species and hybrids.
Nepenthes around the house: Hobby site with practical information for growing Nepenthes.
Czech Exotic Plant Society: Some articles on cultivation and a great photo gallery of many CP genera.
Sundew Matt: Private grower specializing in Drosera, lots of nice photos.
Borneo Exotics: Under construction but the gallery shows promise to become a great resource for Nepenthes photos and species specific culture information.
Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder: Looking for a cp photo? Odds are you will find one here. No frills but tons of links to cp photos.

Normally I don't list other commercial sites specifically to promote their sales. In these two cases I have done so because of the effort required and the often limited availability for hobbyist in their respective countries in acquiring highly desired Nepenthes.
PitcherPlantFever: Agustin Franco imports rare Nepenthes into Australia.. not an easy task! Good place for the AU folks to acquire hard to find plants.
HawaiianBotanicals: One of the few sources for folks North of the border, looking for hard to find Nepenthes
Diablo Disas: Great site by Michael Gallagher, devoted to everything Disa! Also maintains the DisaPhile email newsletter archives.

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