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"Par o Bek's nepenthes are some of the best I've ever received. They're always delivered promptly and in great shape. I have yet to lose one of Tony's nepenthes. Also, none have ever gone into any stress or transplant shock too. This is a tribute to how long Tony takes care of his plants before allowing the to be available for resale. Finally, Tony also has one of the best selections of nepenthes available anywhere for sale. He regularly updates his inventory and has the latest species and hybrids from many distributors. Simply put; Best product, best service, best prices, best selection! Awesome job Tony!" - Joel

"Just about THE largest selection of Nepenthes on the internet, for sure the largest resale. He has sent me many cuttings/ bits of sphagnum for free, and is definately number ONE for customer service, answering all of my questions. Updates regularly, great plants, great packaging, great prices!! :D :) 8) overall the best CP dealer out there!! He is smart enough to wait a few months, not weeks before putting plants recieved from overseas on the pricelist. Keep up the great work Tony!! :D :) 8) " - John

"Tony's plants are top quality. The pitcher/leaf ratio is unequaled by any other dealer I have seen and he will never send anyone a plant that he has not grown for a while and completely acclimated.
His shipping is also unequaled. He usually gets it mailed the weekend after you pay(if you use Paypal) so that it arrives on Monday. The plants are packed carefully and superbly, and you only pay 75 cents/plant after the initial low rate. In otherwords your order is not based on the retail of the plants.
Keep up the great job, Tony!
Joe Griffin
Lincoln, NE USA"

"Outstanding service, quality of plant specimens and service! If you're looking for top quality specimen plants for your collection ... and want only the best .... Tony is your guy! Thanks Tony!" - David

"Fantastic, large plants with nice pitchers, at excellent prices, and the best selection by far of any seller I've seen. Not only that--excellent service in the form of advice about plant care, detailed emails, and great shipping cost and speed. I'm a huge Par O Bek fan! Yay Tony!" -Laurel

"Hi Tony, Recieved my order yesterday, opened the box and everything looked Great! I didn't unpack the plants until this morning and WOW! is all I can say. Thank You! The Plants are in Fantastic shape, better sizes than I was expecting and I am one Happy Camper. Thanx for the Free S. Flava, it will fit right in to my bog garden. I will definitely be back in the future and recommend You Highly! Thanx Again!
Robert M.
Bullsgap, Tn"

"I've ordered four nepenthes from Tony and each time I get the plants I can't beleive how great of condition they are in. The plants I got were the healthiest nepenthes I have ever got from a mail order situation. Even though his nursery is on the other side of the nation the plants always arrive in top notch condition. I can't effectively exppress how happy I am with the plants I buy from Tony. From now on I think I'll always buy my nepenethes from him.
Keep up the fantastic work tony,

"After a devastating fire, in which I lost most of my nepenthes collection, Tony went out of his way to help me replace my plants. He even helped me with paperwork for my insurance claim! Most of the plants he sent me were larger than the ones I had lost! I can't thank Tony enough. I also want to echo the compliments of the other testimonials. The quality, price, selection, and service are SUPERIOR!
For years of outstanding service,
Thank You Tony!

"I ordered from tony 3 times (so far) Two nepenthes, some VFTs, and two cephalotus' both of the nepenthes orders were shipped out the very next day!, and the cephalotus', and VFTs were the very next weekend, I still cannot believe the quality of plants, awesome shipping, and low prices, most of the plants that come have actually 2-4 plants with them, amazing! keep up the good work tony.

"Nothing but praise! The plants I ordered were received in Two days by Priority mail. The plants arrived in wonderful condition and all were much larger than I had anticipated. All the nepenthes had pitchers or forming pitchers. I'll be ordering again. Friendly and informative service by phone and email. Sure hope I can keep them as nice looking as you did Tony.. Thanks again.

"Exotic Plants Plus has an amazing selection of Nepenthes! Second only (and this is still a maybe) to Borneo Exotics themselves! Also, they have the largest plants (excluding Borneo Exotics) that i have seen for sale online. I have just ordered from him online, and i have maybe a week before i discover just how good the service is. I hope it's as good as they say online.
Keep up the good work!
Los Gatos,

"I made my first order last week not knowing anything about Par o Beks. I have bought many
nepenthes from sources all over the world. They always came in so small they were in cups.
Well let me tell you when I opened the box, I had to put my eyes back in my head! These are
the largest and healthiest plants ever shipped to me. I will never order from anywhere else
again, no more small cups for me. : )
Mark Jackson
Norfolk VA USA"

"comments: Hi Tony,
I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for the plants I ordered. I am very impressed with the quality of not only your service, but the amazing size and condition of your plants. You have far and away exceded my expectations. I am *very much* looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Also, you are more than welcome to use this message as a testimonial to your outstanding business and products.
Robert Yates
Ormond Beach, Florida "

"There is no question about it, Tony loves Nepenthes. That fact is made clear every time you open a box of plants from him. I get the same feelings of excitement that I felt as a child opening gifts on Christmas when I dig through his box to see in person what is now mine to grow. His plants are always well packed and have little or no trouble acclimating because he goes through the effort of growing them out before he sends them. They are almost always bigger than what he has listed on his website and always have pitchers on them. He responds quickly to inquiries and is open to adding plants not listed if he can get get them from one of his suppliers. There is nothing more you could ask for. NOTHING! He is the Santa Clause of Nepenthes and bearer of the Black truncata!
Jonathan Armstrong"

"The kind and helpful service I recieved from Mr. Par O Bek was unprecedented by any other CP business I have encountered. It was truly a pleasure, and of course the quality and size of plants were accurate to the websites description, which is to say, absolutely wonderful! I will continue to purchase Nepenthes and assorted CP's for my personal and acedemic collection through Mr. Par O Bek, and I recomend his services to any one who wants beautiful and healthy plants." - Ryan

My order arrived early this week and has been planted. I wanted to tell you that I was absolutely astounded at the excellent size and quality of the plants I ordered. The plants were great! You will be my first choice in any future purchases as your quality is unsurpassed.
You may feel free to use this unsolicited letter (edited if you choose) in any advertising.

"9 months ago, in augaust, i bought a $600-$700 order. The plants i had recieved were the best plants, even better than Sarracinea NorthWests' plants, and sorry Peter, california carnivores, i had ever seen or bought! No shock what so ever, just a little decrease in growing which was expected. You should really see how much these healthy plants have grown. My favorite out of them all, Spectabilis (Lowii x ventricosa), was only about 2 inches long, 6-7 inches in leaf length; now its over 10 inches tall, with a leaf span of 10 inches or greater. Out of the 30 or so plants i bought, only villosa has kicked the bucket..(im still taking care of it though! lol) Great competitive prices, great customer service, you deserve more green houses so you can grow us more!!hehe Keep up the excellent work ;) MIchael S. Coeur d'alene, ID US"

"The plant I got from you is amazing very healthy and you even looked at my comment! best of the best I dont think im ever going to order from another nursury again!thanks for the amaing plant I will be placing another order shortly!"

"I ordered some nepenthes and a tuberous sundew on August 30th and I received the plants September 2nd. The shipping was quick and Tony threw in a drosera macrophylla for free! I am absolutely amazed by the quality of the plants and the size. Thank you so much!"

"This company is absoultely amazing! I received a N. platychila a few days ago, and it was a very healthy, well grown plant. There was a pitcher on just about every leaf! I have had this plant for 4 or 5 days now, and everything is looking great. He has taken the time to acclimate his plants very nicely, and it seems to have accepted my conditions readily. This is one of the best companies I have ever done business with, and I encourage others to order their plants from Mr. Par O Bek. Needless to say, I am very pleased. I look forward to doing business with him in the future. Thanks Mr. Par O Bek!Chance, 14 years old.Fargo, ND"

"I just received my shipment from Tony today. I only ordered one Nepenthes ventricosa x glandulifera from him, which as far as us hobbyists go, is not exactly breaking the bank. However, this plant is amazing, well established, and easily has more pitchers on it than I have ever gotten on a new arrival before. It was packaged extremely well, and looks fantastically healthy. Not only that, it was shipped just hours after I submitted the order and arrived barely three days after payment. This is perhaps the shortest wait I've ever experienced when ordering carnivorous plants considering I live almost as far away from Tony as you can get in the U.S. This Nepenthes is so healthy, I don't even feel stressed about potting it right away, it looks perfectly fine in the bag it came in. Overall, I am 100% pleased with my business experience with Tony. I should really pace myself on purchasing more Nepenthes, but if I do in the near future, it will definitely be from Tony. He's fast, efficient, the plant is healthy, strong, impressive, and that's more than I can say about 90% of the places I've ordered Nepenthes from. Thanks Tony!-Peter from Alaska"

"Just received my nepenthes today. I absolutely love the condition the plant was in, as wellas the method it was shipped. I really did not think Priority Mail would be a reliable wayto ship, but I stand corrected. Tony, thank you for everything and I am already looking intoanother plant for the near future.I also appreciate your patience and advice in leading me in a good direction.roy xxxxxxx wichita falls, tx

"Not only does Tony have some of the best selection out there for Nepenthes, the quality is also very high. I've received a bunch of orders from him and haven't been disappointed yet. Highly recommended!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for sending some wonderful Nepenthes. I am always WOWED by your plants. Thanks for the super fast shipping and great packaging. I always receive your plants in perfect condition, even in the middle of winter. Have a very Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.Thanks again,Rena "

"I am amazed at the speed and quality of service Tony provides not to mention the stunning plants he ships. I rarely and hesitantly purchase from new nurseries but my order arrived in pristine condition. Don't think twice about buying from Tony! Thank you Tony, I'll be back! -- Yann"

"Tony has once again provided superb quality not only in plant material but also in packaging. The plant arrived as if I had picked it up myself! Thanks for the beautiful plant Tony!"

"Jesus this is a nice plant there's a well formed pitcher on every leaf, in great condition, fast shipping, i recently ordered a few plants from and it took 13 days where as Tony got my new N.Talangensis to me in less than a week. I just can't get over how great the quality of this nep is in. Will most likely be buying from you again in the future, keep it up bro. ~Adrian"

"Just received my plants from Tony and all I can say is why would I buy them anywhere else? Great selection, low prices, fast and secure shipping and very good customer service. I've ordered from a lot of nepenthes nurseries and Tonys plants are hands down the best. Thanks!" - Eric

"Tony has always provided me with the best knowledge and customer service. He has always answered my questions and all my plants arrive in perfect conditions. He has the best selection and the best prices! het gets an A+" - Jose

"I stumbled onto this website through my research of Nepenthes'. I couldn't believe the size of the specimens that were for sale and couldn't believe it to be true, it was just too good. Well, I was a bit supervised when i received my shipment. It was exactly what i was hoping for and just couldn't believe how amazing the plant i got was. IT IS TOO GOOD, I still can't understand how you do it:)Thank you, and looking forward to future business.Mark Hreha "

"Tony's plants are always packaged in a superb fashion and are extremely healthy. I have never lost a plant and most of the time the plants are actually larger than described! Tony is a great grower, seller, and person.. I can not recommend him enough.Thanks again Tony!"

"I've ordered 10+ nepenthes from Tony over the years. When there's a nepenthes I'm looking for I look for it here first every single time. For carnivorous plants there isn't a better combination of quality and price anywhere on the internet.Andrew"

"I received my plants yesterday from Tony and as always they came in superb conditions and with Pitchers! all the pitchers were intact & ready to eat :) There is no other seller out there that gives great customer service and provides the best plants for us the addicted hobbyist. Thanks again!"

"I received my first order last week and my Ampullaria arrived in perfect condition. No leaf burn and the plant looked exactly like the one pictured! It is very healthy and had two pitchers already with another one on the way. Additionally, I ordered Nepenthes from 2 other places at the same time and yours was the only one that arrived with the heat-pack activated and working. The inside of the box was very well insulated and warm. I was impressed! I will be ordering again very soon."

"We received 2 of your plants from the Oneonta Public Library. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We love them... very happy. :)"

"Order was placed and attended immediately. Tony is very fast answering emails and processing the order all the way to shipping. Received my plants in excellent shape and EXACTLY as shown in the pics (unlike some websites that show the best plant but send a different thing). GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT PRODUCTS!!! Highly recommended!!! I'll be DEFINITELY buying more plants from Tony"

"I had been looking for quite some time for a very specific nepenthe, so I contacted Tony and got a very prompt and gratifying response. Payment was easily done through paypal and the plant quickly arrived today looking great. I have ordered lots of plants through many different sites but this experience has been wonderful. I plan on many more purchases here and a big thanks to Tony! - Kyle"

"I've only place a couple of orders, but I have to say that they have been the best nepenthes I've purchased from any of the current retailers. The plants are VERY healthy, the price is fantastic, shipping is fast and the plant secured within the packaging. A major plus I've experienced is the acclimation. Or rather the seemingly lack there of. The nepenthes I purchased did not skip a beat in pitcher production and acclimated very quickly to to growing in my home. I'm a very satisfied customer and look forward to future purchases!"

"I've only ordered once so far, but the plant that came in was not what I expected at all: it was much more! The size and health of the plant I received more than met my expectations, and it is still in fantastic shape and color! I definitely plan on ordering from here again, thank you!"

"Once again and having received my third order from Tony (and definitely not the last one), I am astonished by the quality and size of the plants.EXCELLENT NEPENTHES SUPPLIER!!!HIGHLYYYYYY RECOMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!"

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