Item Propagation Method Notes
C. follicularis TC/C Plants from Australia

Please note the following genera are only available in limited quantities as I do not focus on them specifically at this time and typically plants for sale are divisions of my own. On rare occasions some may pop up on the orderform if/when I do some propagating with them. If there is something your looking for please contact me for further information regarding availability.


Item Propagation Method Notes
Big Mouth TC
Bristle Tooth TC
Burbanks Best TC All green type with large traps
Cross Teeth TC Teeth criss cross each other
Fang TC Very large traps, typical color
Long red fingers TC
Low Giant TC
Pink Venus TC New variety from Australia, solid deep burgandy in strong light. Some green in lower light. Prostrate growing
Red Green TC Red traps with green petiole
Red piranha TC
Sharks Teeth TC Short triangular shaped teeth


Item Propagation Method Notes
Australian Nonpetiolaris
D. hamiltonii
D. lovellae Also considered a variety or subspecies of D. spathulata
Forked Leaf Type
Petiolaris Type
D. broomensis Deep Creek
D. derbyensis Beverly Springs
D. enodes
D. pulchella pink flowers
D. pulchella orange flowers
D. aff. tubaestylis Brookton
D. bulbosa ssp. bulbosa Hovea
D. lowriei Ravensthorpe
D. macrophylla Wongan Hills
D. macrophylla subsp. monantha Bruce Rock
D. orbiculata Mogumber
D. whittakeri ssp.aberrans 'Triffids Orange Sunrise' Tuber
D. gigantea
D. graniticola
D. macrantha ssp. planchonii Angelsea, Victoria
D. platypoda
D. ramellosa
Winter Growing South African
D. coccicaulis
D. dielsiana
D. glabripes
D. regia
South American
D. montana var. tomentosa


Item Propagation Method Notes
lobata x violacea


Item Propagation Method Notes
P. cyclosecta
P. esseriana Light pink flower, Giant
P. gypsicola C
P. jaumavensis
P. rotundiflora
P. emarginata x moranensis v. superba
P. emarginata x 'Weser' TC Leaves with a purple/blue blush in high light. Easy grower


Item Propagation Method Notes
S. alata pubescens C
S. flava Cinnamon C
S. flava rubricorpora C
S. leucophylla Crimson Snow C
S. leucophylla lipstick C pink around the lip of the pitcher
S. leucophylla Ruby Urn C
S. leucophylla Schnell's Ghost C
S. Leah Wilkerson C


Item Propagation Method Notes
U. alpina
U. alpina Pittier Moon
U. arenaria C
U. arnhemica (Prince Regent River, Kimberley,NT, AU) C
U. aureomaculata C
U. babui C
U. biloba C
U. bisquamata large flower C
U. bisquamata white C
U. blanchetii white form C
U. chrysantha C
U. cornuta C
U. dichotoma C
U. firmula C
U. flaccida C
U. fulva C
U. geminiloba C
U. graminifolia C Prefers warm/lowland type temperatures
U. hispida C
U. involvens C
U. jamesoniana C
U. lateriflora C
U. laxa C
U. livida (Merriwuk, Natal SA) C
U. livida (Durban, SA) C blue flower
U. microcalyx C Probably unusual form of U. livida
U. monanthos (Queenstown, Tasmania) C
U. nelumbifolia C
U. nephrophylla C white form
U. nephrophylla C pink form
U. paulineae C
U. praelonga C
U. prehensilis C
U. pubescens C Larger flowered form
U. pubescens (Serra Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil) C Smaller flowered form
U. pusilla C
U. troupinii C
U. uniflora C
U. violacea white flower (not currently cultivating)
U. warburgii (Zhejiang, Southeastern China) C
U. welwitschii C
U. sp. (Hermanus, SA) C
U. sp. Klein (Murosipan Tepui) C Yellow micro flowers