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Stakes layed out for building permit. 4 stakes in the foreground with the red arrows mark the steel building corners. 4 stakes in the background with the yellow arrows mark the greenhouse corners. Note one exterior wall of the steel building will comprise one wall of the greenhouse.
building 20'x40'
greenhouse 80'x48'

Left - Dustin ready to go unload the greenhouse frame!
Right - Ben eyeing the piles to climb on..

Left - Steel building delivery
Right -Steel building unloaded with the help of a extendable forklift

Digging 20 holes 8" x 4' deep UGH! Fortunately we didn't hit any volkswagon size granite boulders left behind by the glaciers. Did hit some bowling ball size though.. They all happen to be just about 3' down too ;<<< I don't think I would last more than a day or two if I worked for a fence company installing fences!

Left - Footings poured thanks to some 50+ 80lb bags of concrete! A few of the 11' posts installed
Right - All the posts installed and some of the reinforced cross braces up. (not installed yet) Gutters connecting the posts perpendicular to the cross braces and hoops connecting gutter to gutter parallel with the cross braces.

Left - One arch installed with the help of my homemade lifting gizmo. Creative use of ropes and pulleys!!
Right - All the arches installed YAY. Lots of cross braces, purlins and pieces to go on yet but all the heavy pieces are off the ground! The biggest challenge has been the height, which I have not been prepared for initially.
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