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Lycastes generally fall under two catagories. Those that have a pronounced winter dry season and those that dont. Plants with a winter dormancy come from Mexico and Central America. They bloom in the spring on the previous seasons growth, usually before the new growth has gotten very large. After the leaves have dropped in the fall they should remain dry until flower buds are initiated the following spring. The yellow flowered species fall into this catagory. Plants without a dry dormant winter period come from the rainforests in South and Central America. They bloom in the spring as the new growth is developing also. They retain their leaves through the winter. During this time they should be given a slight rest period where they are allowed to dry slightly between waterings. Pseudobulbs can become slightly wrinkled during this time. Normal watering and feeding can resume when new growth starts again next spring. Many of the large showy species such as L. skinneri and almost all the hybrids fall under this catagory.


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