Plant Reservation Order Form

This list is for future delivery of plants that I have but are not ready for delivery yet or are due to arrive within the next few weeks. Wait time on plants from the below list can vary from 2 weeks to 2-4 months (or longer in extreme cases). If you would like to order plants currently available for delivery please use the Order Form.
More detailed terms for reserving plants below.

In the space provided next to each item enter the number of plants you would like to reserve.

Inventory Number to Reserve Plant Name and Description Source Prop. Size Projected
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Source = BE/Borneo Exotics; EP/Exotica Plants; MT/Malesiana Tropicals; TP/Triffid Park
Prop. = Method of propagation: S/Seed; C/Cutting; TC/Tissue Culture
Size = Plant diameter

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Terms for reserving plants:

* Projected price is an estimate and may differ from actual final price. Exchange rates, shipping and importation fees vary with every importation. I do my best to provide an accurate projected price but it is not a guarantee of the actual final price. If the final release price is higher than the price listed at the time the reservation is made, you will not be obligated to purchase the plants on reserve.
* Submitting this form is not a guarantee of availability.
* Plants will not be immediately available for delivery once they are imported. All plants are reacclimated before shipping to customers. This can take just a few weeks or a few months. It is worth the extra care and time to provide the highest quality plants to my customers. I will notify you if there is a problem and delivery will be delayed longer than expected.
* Placing plants in reserve is viewed as an order for future delivery. Response to this form may influence my selections and quantities imported, when placing new orders with overseas suppliers. It is time consuming and very expensive to bring in large quantities of quality plants. Customers will not be billed until plants are ready for shipment. However, I fully expect customers will follow through with their purchase for reserved plants when they become available.
You will be contacted by EMAIL ONLY. I will not chase people down. Failure to complete reserved orders when notified, will prohibit you from placing future reserved orders. It is your responsibility to notify me of email changes. Please DO NOT use this form unless you are certain about your reservation!

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