The following plants were stolen from my greenhouse between June 20th-June 23rd 2008

2- N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana 12" diameter
1 N. trusmadiensis 12"
2 N. macrophylla 10-12", several 3-4"
2 N. truncata black 12-16"
N. sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis 12-14"
N. jacquelineae red 12"
N. truncata x trusmadiensis approximately 6 2-3"
N. maxima x trusmadiensis southern carnivores clone 10"
N. lowii trusmadi 14" upper pitcher stage
N. ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) clone APA multigrowth plant
N. ventricosa x lowii American clone from Jeff Shafer 16" plant
4? N. lowii x ventricosa clone APA and APB 1-2 of each plant

If you see any of these plants please contact Tony at

N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana (left) N. trusmadiensis (right)

N. macrophylla

N. truncata black

N. sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis (left) N. jacquelineae red (right)

N. maxima x trusmadiensis clone APA and APB (left) N. ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) APA (right)

N. ventricosa x lowii Jeff Shafer clone, N. lowii x ventricosa red APA, N. lowii x ventricosa red APB